Second Shooter Services

This blog page is for professional photographers in search of a second shooter for their events.

Nicole's Equipment

*Nikon(R) D750 (full frame) camera

*24 - 120 mm, f/4 Nikkor(R) Lens

*70 - 300 mm, f/4 Nikkor(R) Lens

*50 mm, f/1.8 manual focus, vintage Sigma(R) Lens

*SB 910 speedlight flashes (2) with various color gels

*Pocket Wizard(R) remote flash and camera triggers for Nikon cameras

*Canon(R) XSi (crop) camera

*18 - 55 mm kit lens

*75 - 300 mm Canon(R) lens

*Sunpack(R) DF3600U flash (compatible with Canon and Nikon cameras)

*various color gels

*43 inch 5-in-1 round reflectors

*ROGUE Flashbender(R) 

*Gary Fong Lightsphere(R)

*Altura LED video lights (2)

*ICE(R) light with gels

*33 inch translucent white umbrellas (2)

*C-8 Cheetah(R) stands, maximum height of 8 ft.(2)

*A-clamps (various sizes)


Nicole's Education & Experience

*Currently enrolled as a student in The Photography Institute

*Has attended numerous wedding, light, and portraiture seminars via Creative Live.

*Has learned editing in Adobe(R) Photoshop and Adobe(R) Lightroom from YouTube videos.

*Has been a second shooter once before for a country chic outdoor wedding in Bowling Green, Kentucky on May 20, 2017 (images below)

I would like to gain more experience as a second shooter, and am willing to work for free and drive anywhere within Maryland, DC, and Virginia.


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