Merchandise and keepsakes include a wide variety of items.  If there is a particular keepsake you are interested in and do not find it listed here, we are happy to look into the item for you.  Just let us know what type of keepsake you are looking to purchase!

*Wall Decor

framed photographs, canvases, Gallery Wraps, Print Wraps, Wood Prints, Standouts, Blocks, Swappable Tiles on Common Background, Clusters and Splits

*Albums & Photo Books

*Mini Accordion Books and 4" x 8" Accordion Books

*Photo Boxes, USB Boxes w/USB of images, etc.

*Smart Phone & Tablet Cases, Mouse pads

*Calendars, Bookmarks, Magnets, & Coasters

*Christmas Tree Ornaments, Christmas Stockings

*Holiday Cards, Customized Greeting Cards, Event Announcements & Invitations

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